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Multi-campus educational institutions and multi-institution state systems are seeking innovative solutions to optimize learning delivery, not only between campuses, but also off-campus to individual students. A variety of “distance education” strategies have been attempted, including Internet, video, and hybrid modalities. The rise of Massive Open Online Courses, or “MOOCs,” has accelerated such initiatives in many institutions, but delivered mixed results.

In those instances where the results are less than satisfactory, there are reports of student dissatisfaction with the quality of the learning experience, which leads to high dropout rates. Unsatisfactory learning retention rates and poor comparative test scores also are common in many such cases. Many instructors who end up discontinuing participation in such modalities often find their primary reason for their lack of success: the limited interaction between instructor and student.

At IVL, we believe the principle of direct interaction between instructor and student is vital in delivering a quality educational experience.

The IVL interactive learning delivery infrastructure offers a pedagogically superior alternative for learning delivery for multi-campus institutions. It was originally developed for a major telecommunication company to facilitate worldwide learning delivery to its 250,000 employees across dozens of offices, as one of a series of innovative, multi-sourced learning options that also include collaborative certification and degree programs with academic institutions.

The IVL infrastructure provides a new generation of both real-time and on-demand video delivery that takes instructor-student interaction to an entirely new level, across multiple locations, or delivered to the device (laptop or tablet) for individual students. IVL provides new options for innovative academic institutions to meet the following needs:

Cross-campus enrollment, in a pedagogically effective mode of delivery Customized workforce development and flexible certification programs for major employers, and in some cases, delivered directly to the places of employment Efficient system wide compliance training and staff development Institutional capacity expansion beyond fixed physical plant limits


Beyond the benefits that IVL brings to a given institution, or an entire state system of institutions, we believe that the IVL learning delivery infrastructure offers the foundation of a future multi-sourced learning partners model. There is an increasing amount of collaboration and experimentation already in progress in which academic and corporate entities are partnering to deliver learning to their students and employees.

What these efforts are missing, we believe, is a common learning delivery infrastructure that would standardize and expedite the joint delivery and receipt of mutually beneficial learning programs. IVL provides that common infrastructure. Strategically located IVL broadcast control rooms will act as learning hubs that connect IVL instructor stages to multiple IVL classrooms at all connected locations for the academic, corporate, and military/government participating partners.

For further information, please contact our IVL University Program consultant: George Tamas, at george.tamas@imtglobalinc.com.

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