IVL for the Corporate Environment

Engaging a Geographically Dispersed Workforce.


Times are changing. The up and coming generation is demanding a stimulating and interactive training experience. Corporate leadership is looking to reduce training costs
and drive more productivity and efficiency in the workplace. Continuous learning is imperative.

IMT introduces Interactive Video Learning (IVL), a comprehensive system to bring the advantages of Instructor-Led Training with the cost effectiveness of Distance Learning.

IVL is a high definition, interactive, LIVE broadcast platform for real time technical and soft skill training for students, dispersed geographically across the planet. IVL connects instructors and students from any location in the network, enabling precise interaction between instructors and students, linking both
to engage in an intimate exchange of knowledge, while saving big money on travel and lost worker productivity. IVL is revolutionizing distance learning, building a better-trained workforce, and saving large organizations millions of dollars in employee related expenses.

The results have been astonishing. With thousands of employees receiving training via IVL every year, IVL students are testing higher for comprehension and retention than any other training method, including instructor-led training.

For technical, proficiency, and certificated learning, IVL provides a highly interactive, high-resolution platform for efficiently training a large, geographically disbursed student/trainee population. The IVL training platform is turnkey, providing all of the necessary technology, training tools, distribution, accessibility, and security to deliver the highest level of knowledge transfer.

Client Tested Critical Success Factors:

Drive More Value Per Training Dollar Investment
A large telecommunications customer significantly reduced travel related expenses after implementing IVL. The interactive HD video puts the instructor in front of every student in every IVL equipped classroom, simultaneously. This company is saving millions in annual travel expense and lost productivity.

Improve Comprehension and Retention
Tests with customers have shown web-based training suffers from inconsistent knowledge transfer and low retention rates. IVL puts instructors in every classroom, in front of every student. Instructors are able to recognize when students aren’t paying attention or have a question. The instructor can call on individual students and respond in real time with answers and additional information. Customer studies have shown that IVL has the highest retention rates compared to their other training methods.

Reduce Travel Expense for Training to Zero
With IVL Classrooms in every company facility, students no longer travel to centralized campuses for instruction. Instructors conduct classes directly from their labs, so not only are they saving money and time by not traveling from facility to facility, but their equipment and training materials remain secure in one place.

Connect Instructors and Students No Matter Where They Are
Instructors teach from their own labs or
offices, while employees are given the freedom to attend classes in their local locations, all at the same time. Efficiency is maximized by training dozens of students located at several locations, simultaneously. IVL connects instructors to classrooms and desktops all over the world.

Reduce the Cost of Vendor Training
With the ability to deploy IVL at vendor locations, our customers are able to receive more vendor training at a lower cost. The vendor can conduct all of their training from their own labs and train many hundreds of engineers and technicians on the vendor’s new technology.

For further information, please contact our IVL Corporate Business Development consultant: Eileen Dubin-Ladd, at Eileen.Dubin-Ladd@imtglobalinc.com.

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