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Changing the Way we Deliver Training

IVL was launched when the Learning Services division of a major telecommunications company came to Integrated Media Technologies (IMT) with a problem. Due to the large population of a geographically dispersed work force, this client was proactively researching ways to cut travel costs and loss productivity for employee training. Tens of thousands of workers needed to stay proficient in an ever changing world of new technologies and business processes. How could Learning Services connect instructors and students attending the same courses as if instructors were in each and every classroom, no matter where that classroom was?

What evolved over three and a half years of development was IVL, a totally integrated multi-channel IPTV content network delivering real time, interactive, instructor led training to a geographically dispersed set of employees. IMT built IVL to be a high definition, multicast broadcast training platform, linking instructors and students in real time, across multiple locations in a rich and dynamic multimedia classroom experience.

The IVL platform supports two primary training delivery systems, IVL Live and IVL On Demand. IVL Live delivers real time, engaging, collaborative, and rich instructional content from a subject matter expert, and multicasts the IVL session to students in multiple classrooms at multiple locations. IVL On Demand aggregates instructional content, including recorded IVL sessions, videos, images, PowerPoints, PDFs, word documents, tips, links, questions, student notes, roll taking, and testing to every student’s desktop and/or tablet. Available anytime, anywhere.

Through rigorous testing and evaluation, clients have proven that IVL delivers superior knowledge transfer and retention levels that meet or exceed traditional classroom instruction, at a fraction of the cost.

IVL Overview Video
IVL Overview

A brief overview of the IVL Live Platform

IVL Classroom
IVL Classroom
Product Video of the IVL Classroom
IVL Control Room
IVL Control Room
Product Video of the IVL Control Room
IVL Stage
IVL Stage
Product Video of the IVL Stage
For the CLO

For the CLO

It's About Knowledge Transfer and Retention

IVL was designed with two objectives. How do we maximize knowledge transfer and retention? How do we reach a geographically dispersed employee base in a live, interactive, and an engaging manner?

The results have been astonishing. With thousands of employees using the platform, IVL trained students are testing higher for comprehension and retention than other training methods such as traditional instructor led training and web base training tools.

Building a highly skilled and flexible workforce.

IVL for the CLO
For the CLO

For the Instructor

Empowering the Instructor

IVL empowers instructors with sophisticated multimedia and professional video tools to deliver interactive broadcast quality course content.

The IVL platform enables the instructor to interact with students located throughout the world in IVL Classrooms, as if the instructor was in each classroom with the students.

IVL for the Instructor
For the CLO

For the Student

Engaging the Student

IVL was designed from the ground up to reach students where they are. Whether in a classroom or on a mobile device, IVL connects each student with high quality interactive video and multimedia instructional content. With the IVL platform, students are connected to instructors and other students in a rich, multi-dimensional learning environment.

IVL for the Student
For the CLO

For the CFO

Saving Money Without Compromising

The IVL platform allows employees to be trained where they are. Deploying IVL dramatically reduces travel expenses, reduces capital outlay to replicate training environments, and it improves the quality of training, while increasing productivity.

The IVL platform can be deployed as a monthly service or as in infrastructure investment. Let us show you how the IVL platform makes business sense.

IVL for the CFO
For the CLO

For the Technologist

Making it Simple

We are providing the CLO and Learning Services organization with a sophisticated, interactive multicast broadcast platform that is purpose built for high quality real time training. But that doesn’t mean the technology integration with your existing ecosystem needs to be complicated or complex. Proven near zero latency across multiple geographies.

IVL for the technologist
For the CLO

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IVL, a division of IMT, is a leader in delivering state of the art technology solutions to the training markets, with direct emphasis on driving higher levels of knowledge transfer and retention. IVL provides educators and trainers with a comprehensive platform for delivering, producing and managing learning and training initiatives.

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